Be Guided by His Message

Preaching the Gospel All Over the World

Proclaiming the Goodness of God Through His Word

Hear His message to be guided in your life. At Faith Gospel Association Worldwide, we are committed to preaching the Gospel throughout the world by all possible means. Aside from that, we also sponsor and support missionaries in achieving their goals.

Our Reverend

Faith Gospel Association Worldwide is a ministry founded by Rev. Byran C. Russell, an author and a creation scientist. In July 1961, he had a life-changing encounter with our Savior, Jesus Christ. This inspired and led him to the Bible College and Christian Ministry, then eventually, the Faith Gospel Association Worldwide.


His Books

Rev. Russell wrote a variety of eye-opening Christian books. His most recent Work is The Incarnation,The Provision of Redemption. Browse through his catalog of books here.

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